David N Fisher

You can tell that David is the music video director by the way he is authoritatively pointing his finger...

As a musician and a visual artist, there is nothing more that I enjoy than producing music videos. 

From the mid-90s through today I have produced over 20 music videos, most of which have aired on major networks.  I'm sorry to say that I can't find them all, but please enjoy the random offering on this page.

For all of the videos below I: co-directed/produced, managed talent and locations, shot a percentage of footage, supervised film transfer and color correction, all editing, and all distribution logistics.

Hot Rod Circuit - Save You

I love this video.  Is it because I had just one day to secure a shooting location in a mill building in Lowell, and a junkyard in Lexington?  No, it's because we shot this on my daughter's first birthday, and she's in it.  16mm

loudly - Listen To Her Heart

I call this the $20 video.  It's 8mm and shot on a Bolex that I got at a yard sale.  Transferred to digital with my $5 converter box.  It looks great and the sync is really good.

6 Gig - Hit The Ground

One of the more challenging shoots, inside an airplane and then outside in the snow.  16mm film.  Notice how I was able to really bring out the red in his hair!

Rustic Overtones - Combustible

The second video that I did for these guys.  This one was shot up in Hampton Beach during the off season and inside of National Boston where we painted the walls red.  My wife and I have a cameo at the beginning of the video, can you spot us?  35mm film

Brand New - The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows

One of my favorite music videos.  For this one I had to acquire a drivable truck that we could smash the window, and that I would have to drive back to where I got it from after the shoot, it was nerve racking.  I also somehow got a real ambulance for the shoot, glad it was a slow night for them.  There's a shot of the EKG monitor, it was hooked up to me to display the heartbeat, look how calm I was.  This was shot in an abandoned mental hospital, not the first time we have shot in one.  My good friend Sean McGough was helping out that day and can be seen as the orderly pushing the stretcher down the halls.  Over four-million views!  35mm film

3 Days Grace - Just Like You

*This is not the final version.  The band had intended to intercut this footage with a narrative.  The video ended up in limbo and then was completely re-shot.  35mm

Rustic Overtones - C'Mon

The first video that I did for these guys.  It has a very LA vibe...  Shot in Maine.  What looks like a club is actually their rehearsal space, nice set design!  35mm

Reel Big Fish - Monkey Man (Wild Thornberrys Version)

The guys know how to have fun.  They had the honor of contributing a version of Monkey Man to the Wild Thornberrys soundtrack and I had the pleasure of producing the video.  There is also a clean-version of this without the movie footage intercut.  35mm

J Mascis and the Fog - Everybody Lets Me Down

How's this for a concept...  We show J Mascis auditioning for a keyboard player while making fun of all popular music videos at the time.  Well, it worked!  All of the actors are prominent Boston musicians as well as my sister-in-law Tracy Pinkham who portrays the keyboard player.  16mm

Spaces For Two - Cloud

A new band on the Boston scene.  The concept was not to feature, or show, the band at all.  The narrative is about childhood lost and self-struggle growing up in today's modern age.  Canon 5D Mark II

In-Studio Interviews and Live Segments

The amazing and incredibly polite Tegan and Sara.

David Prowse of Japandroids shares some of his favorite tunes.

Heartless Bastards at The Roxy.  So much good footage!

Dropkick Murphys CD release party.  A true honor getting up on stage with them.  Completely sold out, of course.


Orbiting Texas Film Trailer

Not a music video per se, this feature film is centered around the band Orbit as they travel to play South By Southwest for the first time.  Fast forward ten years, they return to South By Southwest in support of a new record.  A fantastic look inside the real world of the music industry in the 90s and today.