David N Fisher

David in a rare on-screen cameo playing a news cameraman in the award winning film Captive Audience

The Golden Door - Documentary Teaser

The story of a hard working immigrant who faces deportation.

Ever since Kong Xin Chen, the owner of a popular restaurant in Marshfield, was pulled from his home by U.S. immigration enforcement officers nearly six years ago, he's been struggling to work his way through the federal bureaucracy to get right with the law.

Oh, how timely...  Check out this article from January 14, 2017:  http://www.patriotledger.com/news/20170113/as-trump-presidency-looms-immigrants-fear-uncertain-future

All *shooting, production and editing

*The intro is from a PBS segment, I did not shoot this, but you can see me in some shots.

Naomi and Sarah Wedding Day Video

What do you do when a good friend asks you to show up at their house at 06:00 and shoot their wedding day that includes Uber-ing into Boston for an ultrasound, going to the florist and then to Boston city hall for a ceremony, you say YES!

And what do you say when they ask you to produce the final video the next day so that they can share it with their friends...  Well, I made it happen.

All shooting, production and editing

The Food of Rock - Sizzle

With my longtime partner in crime, Kurt St. Thomas, we conceived a television series that would bring together our two favorite loves: food and music.  The concept was simple, Kurt lived in LA and was a DJ on KROK.  We would shoot him driving all over LA meeting up with rock-stars at their favorite restaurants where they would discuss, you guessed it, food and music.

The pilot featured Eagles of Death Metal frontman Jesse Hughes eating his favorite food, fried pickles.  The pilot also had great segments on the ever popular food truck scene as well as a visit to The School of Rock.

We scripted six episodes which featured artists: Steve Jones, Dave Grohl, Jeff Tweedy and Ryan Adams.

The show is currently being shopped for distribution.

All shooting, production and editing

The Last - Feature Film Trailer

Shot on digital, yes I know, I am an analog purest, but there is no denying that it would have cost many thousands of dollars more to shoot film.

It's a story in a future post-apocolyptic world where the media controls the masses.  Wait, this is the future?!?

Currently entered in major international film festivals for 2017.

All production, color correction and editing

The Red Right Hand - Feature Film Trailer

Shot on gorgeous 35mm film in historic Salem MA, this is a macabre tale of what happens when friends come together for a school reunion and learn some dark secrets.

All production, color correction and editing

Captive Audience - Feature Film Trailer

Shot in beautiful 16mm black and white, for budgetary and artistic purposes, this tells the story of a radio DJ who has been around the dial and is about to meet up with an unexpected in-studio guest.

I won my first feature film award with this movie for Best Editing at the Rhode Island International Film Festival!

Production, color correction and editing


Orbiting Texas - Documentary Film Trailer

This documentary film is centered around the band Orbit as they travel to play South By Southwest for the first time. Fast forward ten years, they return to South By Southwest in support of a new record. A fantastic look inside the real world of the music industry in the 90s and today.

All production, color correction and editing