David N Fisher

Oh how I miss analog... It sounded as warm as it looked

David has been producing media his entire life.  His father was a prominent photographer and his mother a musician; not surprising that David's footsteps followed his parents.  Embracing 35mm photography from a very young age, David quickly mastered the art and moved on to 8mm motion pictures.  This was during the analog-age, pre-digital, where everything seemed to take longer to produce but, looking back, analog was naturally warm and appealing.

Of course, when the digital revolution hit, David was right there with it.  Obsessed with the latest photo and video technologies, David went on to spend most of his time and money acquiring and operating the latest digital equipment.  Initially the results were a far cry from what he was used to, but technology moved quickly and the days of shooting digital photos on a floppy-disk were quickly coming to an end.  

Above is one of many boxes of external hard drives...  Someday someone will go through these and find some amazing media!

Fast forward to today...  We take for granted the media tools that we all have at our disposal.  Our mobile devices have more production power than all of Hollywood in the 1970s.  The challenge is how to best use these quick and cheap technologies to produce compelling media for any application.  In the end, it is a matter of storytelling.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  The following pages have some examples of David's work through the years, enjoy.