David N Fisher

David in front of a seven-screen video wall that he co-designed and is the owner of all data center content

Corporate Video Examples

Sheryl Faye Presents Historical Women

This video is almost as good as Sheryl Faye is an actor. Sometimes it's difficult to conceptualize what a final video will look like, this one came together effortlessly. So many great testimonials, interviews and of course live performance.

Producer, Director, Shooter, Editing, Graphics

Micro Data Center Product Video

This is an example of a video that was needed to support analyst, investor and executive committee presentations of Schneider Electric innovation,  The constraint was budget.  I self-produced this quickly and for virtually no cost.  Not only was it well received, it has now become the template/baseline for all updates for the offer.  The length is perfect to work as a standalone video or in a loop.

Producer, Director, Shooter, Script, Editor, Graphics, Talent Management, Translation

Data Center Life Cycle Services - Value Proposition Video

Schneider Electric acquired the services company Lee Tech and I was tasked with messaging the company's new combined service capabilities.  You will see the now famous 'services-wheel' graphic that I created.  This is an example of producing a critical asset extremely quickly to support all messaging across all platforms. This video was used to convey the foundational messaging of the offer to internal and external audiences.

Production, Direction, Scripting, Graphics, Chroma keying

Data Center Life Cycle Services: Assess Services Overview

There was a solid year, if not two, where white-board videos were all the rage.  Understandably, producing a series of videos with the same look and feel does bring a large offer together; this services offer is made up of five distinct phases.  As a producer and director of white-board videos it is not trivial to make revisions as the animations are complicated and build into each other scene to scene.  Thus, it is important to not deviate from the original script.

Direction, Scripting, Graphics


This video has 'legs'.  Every once in a while you produce what was to be a quick video to demonstrate a solution and it turns into the most valuable media asset for an offer.  This was originally produced to support the concept of a new product offer.  It is now being used externally as the lead video for the product launch.  This was a 'fun' video to produce as it required pulling together all of the existing footage of the offer, which was minimal and not easily acquired.

Production, Shooting, Storyboard, Script, Talent Management, Graphics, Editing

Data Centers on the Edge to Support Industrial Applications Video

Many companies have the potential to cross-sell their solutions.  I was tasked with working with other businesses, Mining in this example, to produce compelling media that displayed the need for data center solutions in industrial applications.  This video is a perfect example of how aggregated content can be compiled effectively.  As none of the videos stood on their own, especially with consideration that there is no audio in trade show booths, I decided to loop various imagery to illustrate how the solution would work in real time across an industrial application.  This video was the primary draw of traffic to the trade show booth and generated many valuable leads.

Producer, Editor

R&D Demo for Innovation Day Video

Once you have made it known that you are capable of producing professional video in a company, people seem to come out of the woodwork asking for help.  The reason is two fold: first, the requester doesn't posses the skills to produce a video themselves, and second, the requester has no budget to produce a video.  To this end, when asked, I never turn down a video production opportunity.  This video displays some really fantastic technology, including augmented reality; though the video is quick-and-dirty, it was captivating enough to draw the most interest of any innovation presentation during the event.

Production, Direction, Storyboard, Shooting, Graphics, Editing

Digital Signage Examples

In a galaxy not too far away, NYC, I was the creative director for a leading digital signage start-up company when they opened their North American offices.  In addition to video production for digital signage, we incorporated many unique and custom real-time features in the displays: relevant news, bluetooth beacon recognition, in-store GPS for retail and facial recognition.

The video above shows two very different examples of digital signage applications: an interactive kiosk in the American Airlines terminal at JFK, and point-of-purchase advertising for Burger King.  Each required working with the clients internal creative and marketing teams to ensure that the final output was branded correctly.  The JFK installation led to work with Lincoln Center and the Burger King displays led to work with Dunkin Donuts.

Direction, Production, Storyboard, Graphics, Animation, Editing, Technical Integration

Boston One Campus - Grand Opening Solutions Video

In 2014 Schneider Electric opened its North American headquarters in Andover MA.  I was part of many various move-committees that would bring together 700+ employees from all over the globe.  One committee, called "Cool Sites" is also the name of a company program that recognizes a work site as, cool.  To gain this certification, the site must meet or exceed certain standards that are measured via an employee survey.  One pillar of the survey is the employees understanding of Schneider Electric Solutions that exist in/on the site.  I was tasked with creating various videos to communicate our solutions to the residents.  The new facility utilizes dozens of digital signage displays throughout the campus; it is impossible to not see one as you are walking through the building.  This video, one of many, was shown in a loop the month before the survey.  The results... the pre-move score was a 4 out of 8, with 5 needed to qualify, the post-move score was a 7, the highest of any of the qualification pillars.

Direction, Production, Storyboard, Script, Talent Management, Graphics, Editing

Consumer Goods

Bruciare Pilates Chair Overview Video

While working as a freelance media producer, you get the opportunity to work with clients at various stages of their business ventures.  In this case, I was chosen as the media producer for a new fitness product that had absolutely no branding or assets.  Though challenging, the multi-year collaboration yielded great products that were distributed by Amazon, eBay, Sam's Club and BJs.  Malibu fitness, the direct competitor was unable to react to our media blitz quickly and was only able to re-differentiate their product through a change of color.

In the video, and below in the graphic, you will see some of the many assets that I created for this offer.  I enjoyed working with this client as it required a lot of product photography and fitness models to demonstrate and market the products''ts features.  We produced seven workout DVDs!

Direction, Production, Shooting, Storyboard, Scripts, Talent Management, Location Management, Product Photography, e-Commerce integration

B2B Services

This is one of my favorite videos.  The leading fabric company in NYC, Fortuny, was launching a new app that would allow high-end businesses to create custom mobile websites for their offers, putting their brand in the customers' pocket.  Follow this link to see exactly the type of customers using this app: http://fortuny.com/rounded-corners/

The challenge was to showcase the app while reproducing the high-quality of the customer's products with a low-budget video.  This required not only my skills in videography and photography, but my expertise in lighting as well.  Integrating screen-shots of the app was an additional challenge.  In the end, this is a great video that showcases clear messaging to educate potential customers.

Direction, Production, Shooting, Storyboard, Script, Talent Management, Location Management, Graphics, Animation, Editing

Non-Profit Media

When you are running a video production company you are inevitably approached by non-profit organizations who need high-quality videos on a budget.  I have been extremely fortunate and honored to work with so many Massachusetts and national non-profit organizations.  Below are a few examples of many, many videos produced for non-profits.

Environment America Video - Earth Day Rally - featuring the Secretary of Energy and Governor Deval Patrick

I have had the pleasure of shooting Deval Patrick many times; he is truly as nice as he looks.  This video was used to support and document these speeches at the Earth Day rally at the Hatch Shell in Boston.

Direction, Production, Shooting, Graphics, Editing

This is another of my favorite videos.  The main character in the video, Sandy Pooler, literally lives and breathes his dedication to PIRG (Public Interest Research Group) with regard to creating environmental and social changes over the past 40 years.

The final video is six minutes long; I shot all of the footage in four-hours across many locations with many props.  This required strict adherence to the storyboard, as once you have moved-on, there is no going back for missed shots.  My daughter, at the time age eight was the script supervisor; the client was blown away with her ability to follow and manage the storyboard.  The video was conceived to be a throwback to pop-up video of the 80s.  This additional layer of content made it simple for the viewer to understand exactly which changes PIRG has been able to accomplish.

Direction, Production, Shooting, Graphics, Editing